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Consulting & Design

Advances in technology significantly affect to the canned food industry. Although technology and technological progress have made the production lines automatic intelligent and have improved the operations and process of canned food production but the main concern is the specialization of production lines and factory setup. As a result, reaching desired and predefined needs results from extensive expertise and experience. On the other hand, the expansion of the food market and the competitiveness of this field require a unique quality that can attract customers, which is also the result of science and expertise. SEAMERCO Industrial Group, with more than 20 years of experience in setting up industrial machines and production lines, creating the necessary infrastructure ,forming expert working groups to speed up the setting up and make the final price more competitive, provides the path for the establishment of canned food factories from 0 – 100 .The services of SEAMERCO Industrial Group are provided in 4 phases: consultation and design, implementation and construction, development and support, and sales and marketing.

In the first part of the consultation and design phase, technical advice is provided, and the consulting engineering group offers all the technical and technical details related to the launch of the canned products production line to the employer. At this stage, by receiving the mental generalities of the client, our experts go from the stereotypes to the details and specify define them.

Determining the type of Exploitation:  The first issue that must be determined is the type of operation. The experts of the SEAMERCO group define the kind of exploitation according to the idea of the investor and the employer ‘s needs and interests in starting a production line of canned products, considering the economic justification and the analysis of the market conditions. The essential important points are in determining the desired production lines. Among them, the amount of capital of the employer and his target market are the most critical issues that effectively decide the type of product.

Determination of production capacity: In the second stage of technical consultation, the production capacity is also defined according to the type of exploitation determined. Determining production capacity requires correctly understanding the market situation and measuring supply and demand in the target market. Determining the volume of production capacity helps our consultants offer the best machines according to the type of operation and select the type of packaging.

machinery: The types of machines are specified in the third stage of technical consultation. Canned products production line machines are provided in 3 phases: preparation, production, and packaging. Determining the appropriate devices for the production line should be based on the operation type and the production capacity size.

In the second part of the consultation and design phase, consultations are provided in the field of construction and architecture, which includes all the details related to the land, buildings, sheds, and the design of the infrastructure required for the factory and production line that these designs are implemented in this department by the technical department.

The geographical location of the factory: At this stage, the civil engineering and architecture group comprises experts with experience in these two fields. In the first step, they determine the type of land and its location. There are 2 critical points in deciding the factories and land’s locations. The 1st point is its distance from agricultural lands and raw materials markets, and the 2nd is its distance from consumer markets and product distribution.

Land size: The second piece of advice in this area is to consider the land size, which is defined according to the type of operation, the production capacity of input & output levels, and the machines considered. Also, at this stage, the size of the sheds and the infrastructure of each part of the factory buildings is determined.

Type of shed and building: At this stage, the kind of shed is determined, which depends on several factors such as the factory’s schedule, the requirements of standard organizations, machines, and production capacity. According to the fact that the product in question is going to be distributed in domestic or foreign markets, it needs to receive different standard approvals.

Determining infrastructure equipment: In the final stage of civil architecture consultation, expert engineers define infrastructure equipment approved by standard organizations for structures and sheds. Choosing the equipment depends on the type of factory utilization, production capacity, legal conditions for the implementation of the facility and most importantly the amount of energy consumed in it.

To be more productive and achieve the desired goal of employer, SEAMERCO Industrial Group also offers its consulting at the level of marketing and sales. This level of consultation coincides with the determination of the type of exploitation, the conclusion of the volume of production capacity, the type of packaging, as well as the geographical location of the land and the type of sheds. Marketing and sales consulting of SEAMERCO Industrial Group is provided in 3 stages.

Supply and demand: At this stage, the marketing and commercial experts of SEAMERCO Group, according to the type of product and its production line, analyze the types of sales market, the details of pricing appropriate to the demand, the amount of need, and the definition of volume production capacity. According to the expert and specialized analysis, the target market is determined.

Determining the target markets: according to the purpose of establishing the factory, which has its primary market, domestic or foreign, our consultants introduce the target markets. These markets are identified based on environmental analysis, demand volume analysis, competitor analysis, and economic opportunities in these markets.

Establishing and registering the brand: After determining the target market and considering the capacity by defining the type of packaging, SEAMERCO Group consultants develop and write the required brand of the product. Choosing advertising programs, creating content for product introduction, creating an economic roadmap to meet desired needs, designing the identity and organizational personality of the brand are among the details of consulting in this field.

After receiving the advice and before the start of the execution and construction phase, SEAMERCO Industrial Group provides a Gantt chart including complete information from the beginning of the project to its completion. In this Gantt chart, the road map, problems, and obstacles, as well as the exact schedule of the project, are presented in detail.

Roadmap: In the chapter on the road map, the details of the operationalization of the project, the order of carrying out activities, determining the strategy of the necessary actions for the construction of the building, specifying the bureaucratic steps and obtaining permits, as well as a list of all the designs implemented from the building, machines, and facilities to the employer is provided.

Problems and obstacles: There will be problems & obstacles in the construction and implementation of any project. With its years of experience setting up factories and numerous production lines, SEAMERCO can anticipate and prevent these problems. The mentioned file presents a list of these problems and obstacles, considering the solutions.

Financial and Executive Scheduling: In this chapter of the Gantt chart, all the details, the road map, and the solution to scheduling problems & obstacles are considered. Also, this chapter determines the amount of capital required, current costs, and working money, and the time frame for the return on the initial investment and reaching profitability.