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Marketing & sale

Advances in technology significantly affect to the canned food industry. Although technology and technological progress have made the production lines automatic intelligent  and have improved the operations and process of canned food production but the main concern is the specialization of production lines and factory setup. As a result, reaching desired and predefined needs results from extensive expertise and experience. On the other hand, the expansion of the food market and the competitiveness of this field require a unique quality that can attract customers, which is also the result of science and expertise. SEAMERCO Industrial Group, with more than 20 years of experience in setting up industrial machines and production lines, creating the necessary infrastructure ,forming expert working groups to speed up the setting up and make the final price more competitive, provides the path for the establishment of canned food factories from 0 – 100 .The services of SEAMERCO Industrial Group are provided in 4 phases: consultation and design, implementation and construction, development and support, and sales and marketing.

SEAMERCO Industrial Group offers marketing services in its latest 0 – 100 services phase. The sale of canned products from the perspective of the largest food industry has unique complexities. According to the type of product & production capacity, the specialists of the SEAMERCO complex define marketing strategies to produce products in the domestic markets.

Determining the target markets: The sales experts of SEAMERCO Industrial Group choose the target market by knowing the techniques of the international economy and taking into account the needs of supply, demand and the consumption needs of canned products. Due to the wide range of global markets, determining target markets is very specialized and challenging. On the other hand, without deciding the target market, doing international business is pointless and will lead nowhere. Selecting the target market at the international level is very important because you can choose the best way to package and distribute the product according to the analysis of the customer’s interest in canned products.

Competitor analysis: After the target markets are determined, all the products and companies doing business in the target market should be identified. After identification, their products should be analyzed in terms of quality, price, type of packaging, method of distribution, and types of advertisements used for sale. The most important part of competitor analysis is the number of deals and capacity determination solutions based on the issue of supply and demand. Analysis of competitors’ products and their quality and sales strategy is essential to international marketing because the best solutions for sales and profitability can be defined according to the analysis.

Determining the strategy to enter the target market: analysis of competitors provides the best solutions for attracting customers. The first step is to obtain certificates and pass the bureaucratic regulations, which differ according to the country where the target market is located. SEAMERCO’s specialized team, by studying the most important global markets in the field of canned products, can obtain these certificates and pass government regulations.  The second step is to create a content calendar and start advertising according to the type of product and the audience’s taste to introduce the products best. The third step is to develop networks of potential customers so that they can be changed into actual customers by writing the most efficient contracts.

At the end of its service, Commercial Industrial Group sells canned products from zero to a hundred services in global markets. To sell canned products, the experts of SEAMERCO Industrial Group attract customers by forming a cohesive working group and preparing the necessary infrastructure for international sales. The most crucial part of global sales is the ability to carry out the logistics process.

Sales infrastructure: After entering the target market, the most crucial step to attracting existing customers is to use content and advertising techniques. Sales infrastructure includes catalog design, design & production of advertising videos, social media network to introduce the product better, and finally, product in all quality and quantity aspects.

Converting a customer to a buyer: In this stage of sales services, the legal and economic team of SEAMERCO Institute, along with the commercial and sales team, prepare the best conditions and offers for the customer. These terms are subject to the laws of the countries where the target markets are located. The suggestions are presented according to these criteria and considering the customer’s needs. The employer’s needs and wishes are the most critical aspect of defining and determining the opportunities and offers available to the customer.

Logistics and delivery process: SEAMERCO Industrial Group, by forming a team of logistics experts in the field of trade, provides an efficient planning and implementation process for the transportation and maintenance of canned products from the source to the point of consumption. The goal is to meet customer needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. In the final part of the sales service of canned products, transportation management focuses on the planning, optimization, and implementation of the use of vehicles to move goods between the manufacturer and the buyer, as well as customs management, or global trade management, part of the services of the simmer industrial group.