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SEAMERCO Industrial Group was formed in 2000 to localize the manufacturing of food industry machinery. The company’s first actions in this direction were designing & manufacturing the metal can closing device and optimizing the disinfection process. SEAMERCO’s research and development team patented industrial sterilization device in 2003. SEAMERCO Industrial Group designs and manufactures the machines needed to launch production from 0 – 100 for food industry plants. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing industrial machinery in the past decade, SEAMERCO has formed specialized working groups to create a network of services for setting up canned food factories and has completed more than 200 successful projects. IRAN’s neighboring countries have been the most important customers of SEAMERCO Industrial Group. SEAMERCO Industrial Group provides these services in 4 phases and can launch 8 production lines.

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SEAMERCO Industrial Group has established 170 domestic and 35 foreign factories with more than a year of experience.

Production Lines

SEAMERCO Industrial Group can manufacture 90 industrial machines and eight production lines.

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Engr Saadi

Founder & CEO

Engr Kamali

Administration Manager

Engr Kolivand

Technical Manager