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Calculations and Design:

In the stage of computations and design, the user requirements and technical specifications of the machinery are carefully examined. Using CAD (Computer-Aided- Design) software, machine design engineers create precise 3D models of them. This process involves detailed design of components, selection of suitable materials, performing engineering calculations to ensure optimal performance, and precise evaluation of machinery performance. The main goal of this stage is to prepare the necessary infrastructure for building high-quality & high-performance machinery.



Manufacturing of Parts:

After the approval of the design models, the component manufacturing stage begins. In this stage, various production processes such as CNC machining, casting, turning, milling, and CNC cutting are utilized. These processes are carried out to produce parts with high precision, ensuring that all components meet the required technical specifications and are updated to proceed to the next stage. Quality assurance of the components and implementing quality control are utmost importance at this stage. The ensures all produced parts are compatible with the required standards and possess the necessary quality essential for optimal performance of industrial machinery.




After the production of components, the assembly stage commences. In this stage, manufactured previously parts are assembled together to form the final machinery. Skilled workers in this stage use blueprints, specific instructions, and their technical expertise to connect the parts. They must meticulously & expertly assemble the components, ensuring that each part in its proper place with complete accuracy. This stage serves as the connection point between the produced parts and the final machinery. Since the proper functioning and operational capability of the machinery depend on the correct execution of this stage, it holds special significance.




During the installation and commissioning stage, industrial machinery is installed and commissioned at the destination site. In this stage, technical experts are responsible for inspecting and ensuring the correctness of the installation and performance of the machinery. With their precision and technical expertise, they carefully carry out the installation steps to ensure proper and appropriate connection of parts and settings. This stage includes adjustment and operational testing of the machinery to ensure its proper functioning. In other words, technical experts ensure the correct execution of installation and commissioning processes ensure that the machinery is ready for operation with optimal performance and without any issues.




SEAMERCO Industrial Group was formed in 2000 to localized the manufacturing of food industry machinery. The company’s first actions in this direction were designing & manufacturing the metal can closing device and optimizing the disinfection process. SEAMERCO’s research and development team patented an industrial sterilization device in 2003.

The experience of 23 years of manufacturing canned food industry tools & machines has created the ability of SEAMERCO group to increase the quality of its services by gaining extensive experience, and also to overcome its previous problems, obstacles, mistakes, and gaining trust.

Due to receiving feedback from the implemented factories and using the latest European & American methods, SEAMERCO Industrial Group keeps its technology up to date and constantly monitoring by upgrading the relevant technical points and multi-stage designs.

The difference between The Iranian currency and other countries, as well as the difference between the rial & dollar currencies, taking into account the labor force cheaper than the global price, as well as the energy consumption cheaper than the global market, SEAMERCO Industrial Group offers all services in the global market of industrial machinery production with quality preservation, cheaper than other competitors.