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Implementation & Construction

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Implementation & Construction

Advances in technology significantly affect to the canned food industry. Although technology and technological progress have made the production lines automatic intelligent and have improved the operations and process of canned food production but the main concern is the specialization of production lines and factory setup. As a result, reaching desired and predefined needs results from extensive expertise and experience. On the other hand, the expansion of the food market and the competitiveness of this field require a unique quality that can attract customers, which is also the result of science and expertise. SEAMERCO Industrial Group, with more than 20 years of experience in setting up industrial machines and production lines, creating the necessary infrastructure ,forming expert working groups to speed up the setting up and make the final price more competitive, provides the path for the establishment of canned food factories from 0 – 100 .The services of SEAMERCO Industrial Group are provided in 4 phases: consultation and design, implementation and construction, development and support, and sales and marketing.

In the first part of the second phase of SEAMERCO Industrial Group’s services, the factory building is built and simultaneously with the construction of the factory building and the implementation of the facilities, the machines selected for operation and desired capacity are built. In the second phase, SEAMERCO Industrial Group’s services are provided in 3 different types. The first type is the design and construction of machines, the second type is the design of buildings and the supervision of the group of engineers that the employer has determined, and the third type includes the creation of machines and facilities, the implementation and construction of the factory by the civil and architectural team of SEAMERCO Industrial Complex and the supervision of all Construction and implementation period. The explanations provided in this section are based on the complete service type of SEAMERCO company, the third type of service.

Selection and measurement of land: after registering the contract to receive the third type of SEAMERCO company’s services in the first step, the construction group is sent to map the location of the land. Aerial maps and land maps are provided. Samples are taken from the soil of the area to measure the quality of the earth to measure the water, the water sample of the site is also tested. The factory’s infrastructure is measured including water supply, gas supply, electricity supply, and access to treatment plant (water and sewage). In case of a lack of access, infrastructure items will be built in the operationalization section of the project.

Designing and drawing: After this stage, the civil and technical groups of SEAMERCO Institute create the main building and factory environment plan, layout plan, and production line equipment in specialized meetings. Also, the alignment map of the site plan is provided. The design of these maps is expertized according to the exploitation, production capacity, and criteria of standard and quality measurement organizations. After the design & preparation in a briefing session, the employer will be informed about the details of the design and plans of others. By approving the procedures, all the projects and techniques, the calculation book of sheds and buildings, and the model of the three systems, all the executive details are delivered to the employer.

Construction and execution: After preparing plans and designs, the technical engineering group is ready to construct the building at this stage. All kinds of factories often include the yard and the infrastructure. According to the type of exploitation and production capacity the premises of the canning factory have different sizes. According to the rules of the standard institutions the infrastructure of the canning factory covers between 40% and 60% of the total area of the land. The infrastructure includes the following parts: (production hall, import hall, packing hall, engine house hall, septic, administrative building, security, weighing scale, welfare, labor, microbial and chemical laboratory, quarantine warehouse, finished product warehouse, waste warehouse, docks, water storage tanks, fuel storage, ventilation systems, filtration systems, lighting systems, heating systems, cooling systems, air conditioners, sewage treatment, etc.). The first step in implementation is the excavation and performance of earthworks, which is done according to the architectural group’s plans. After the excavating operation is finished, Nobita reaches the stage of foundation implementation. In this stage, the factory’s foundation is concretized to maintain strength. In the next step, the location of the metal frame installation is reached to form the metal structure. This skeleton is installed in its places according to the designer’s drawings. After that, it is time to install the roof. At this stage, the roofs are designed according to the type of shed and implementation schedule, the points and regulations of standard institutions. After preparing the skeleton and ceilings of the factory, it is time to build the walls and complete the structure of the structures. At this stage, the workers perform the brickwork of the factory walls and their area and construct the factory building based on the type of shed. After the factory building is completed, it is time to complete its appearance. At this stage, the exterior of the building is executed according to the client’s opinion and taste.

Implementation of infrastructure and facilities: after the completion of the construction the building and performance of its complementary steps in the implementation of the factory facade and before installing the equipment of the production line and starting the production of the product, the necessary plant facilities should be prepared. Production line machines also require basic infrastructure. All infrastructure starts in the engine room. Water treatment systems, untreated water, wind & water vapor, and installation electrical machinery are installed and commissioned in the engine room. From the engine room to the production halls, preparation and packaging are also implemented in the infrastructure required by the production line. The supports implementation of the electrical boards of the factory and the production line, the implementation of piping includes water vapor piping, purified water piping, unrefined water piping, CIP system, and cabling equipment, facilities required to set up canned production lines.

SEAMERCO industrial group, with more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial machinery for the highest quality operation of its production lines, organizes in a specialized form based on the volume of production capacity. According to this article, to exploit the power intended for the factory, the construction of machinery at the SEAMERCO factory will begin simultaneously with construction activities.

Design and construction (simultaneously): The timing and type of operation of the production line in question simultaneously as well as the production capacity and type of packaging of those machines in the SEAMERCO factory, with the start of construction and architectural activities in the construction of the factory building are made with the latest technologies and the best quality that can compete globally. The design of this car is now based on a pre-designed and is available to the SEAMERCO construction and architecture group.

Installation: After the completion of the construction and facilities, while the machines are ready, all the equipment of the production line is fully loaded from the SEAMERCO factory and transferred to the factory site. Based on the Placement map, the machines and related devices are each installed in their place, the electrical system is also connected to the production line, and the machines are ready to produce the product.

Product production & quality measurement: After the machines are installed at the location in the canned product factory, the production line starts working for the first time so that in the event of a problem, the problem can be solved immediately. If the health of the production line machines is confirmed, test is produced at the minimum. After preparing the test sample, it is sent to the Deputy Food and Drug Administration or institutions related to product health & quality, including standard institutions, to obtain health approval. This is the last stage of the second phase of SEAMERCO’S services.