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Tomato Paste Production Process

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  Tomato paste is one of the products in the food industry that plays a significant role in consumers’ diets & food choices. Tomato paste is one of the most basic flavorings and seasonings. This food seasoning is very high demand in the food product markets because there is tomato paste in most food cultures in Europe & Asia. It is known as the most consumed summer food in the world. Of course, tomato paste is not the only tomato product but is undoubtedly the most widely used. SEAMERCO Industrial Group offers an automatic tomato paste production line.

Types of tomato products:

Tomato products are not limited to tomato paste. However, the most crucial tomato product is its paste. Below, we review tomato products.


One of the most widely used industrial products of tomato is its sauce, which is used with most foods, especially salads and fast foods. Tomato sauce is a combination of tomato paste, sugar, vinegar, and other additives, which is marketed in various forms of small and large packages during the production process. Tomato sauce, like tomato paste, should have a bright red color, clear & bright, without impurities and dark substances and seeds, with uniform consistency and concentration.

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Tomato juice:

Tomato juice is prepared from red, healthy tomatoes without being bruised or crushed. In producing this product, tomatoes should be washed and separated well. Tomato juice contains a lot of pectin, which effectively preserves the product. Pectin prevents precipitation and spoilage of tomato juice solids. Tomato juice has a lower acid percentage and is more sensitive than other tomato products. Therefore, more care should be taken during production and maintenance to maintain its health. Usually, about 0.5% salt is added to tomatoes to improve the taste and tomato juice packs are filled under heat and in the shortest possible time.

Tomato powder:

Tomato powder is widely used in the food industry and in producing prepared foods. To prepare tomato powder, after washing and disinfecting tomatoes should be dried with industrial dryers using additives then powdered. The advantages of tomato powder include:

Lightweight, accessible transportation.

More manageable packaging and storage.

Lower price.

Longer shelf life.

Reduced tomato waste in different seasons.

Tomato powder is mainly used for industrial purposes. One of the most critical issues and problems of preparing tomato powder is maintaining its red color and preventing it from turning brown during the process and storage. Materials such as calcium compounds and some salts are used to prepare this valuable substance to be effective.

Tomato Paste and its importance in the food industry:

Undoubtedly, tomato paste is the most important seasoning for preparing food from tomato products. Tomato paste is tomatoes turned into a thick, red substance that dissolves more easily. The consumption of this nutrient is so high that it is always one of the best in the financial markets of food products. In 2017, the global tomato juice market reached 5.7 million tons, which remained relatively stable as in the previous year. After a modest decline in consumption volume from 2007-2009, consumption resumed an upward trend, rising sharply until 2013 and increasing exponentially over the following four years. In recent years, statistics show that tomato paste production is one of the most profitable production lines in food markets. In the export field, tomato paste is one of the favorite products of exporters to countries where tomato production is impossible due to the lack of access to its raw material. As a result, it is essential to know the process by which tomato paste is produced.

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Tomato Paste production process:

As you read, tomato paste is one of the best-selling and most consumed food seasonings in the East & West of the world, and almost no food culture has been without the delicious taste of tomato paste. As a result, it is essential to know how this unique seasoning is produced. In general, the production of tomato paste includes preparation and washing, crushing and dehydrating, and cooking and thickening.

Preparation and washing:

In the first step, washing is done after choosing the right tomatoes for the production of tomato paste. Tomatoes enter in bulk or baskets into particular washing basins to be completely soaked and washed under water pressure. In some cases, bubble makers are used for better washing. In the last washing stage, the tomatoes pass under the water showers. Meanwhile, the cleaning team separates crushed or rotten tomatoes from other products a pure and quality product reaches the next stage. The name of this stage in the factory is sorting. The sorting step prevents the transfer of fungi, bacteria, dust, extra substances, and spoiled tomatoes. After this stage, the tomatoes are ready to be transferred to the eating and dehydrating stage.

Cooking and condensing:

After the watering phase peerless tomato juice and pulp are stored in a tank before the cooking and condensing phase. This unique reservoir has a stirrer that prevents the 2 stages of tomato juice. After this step, tomato juice is introduced into the transporters into the thickeners. Increasing temperature and thickening is the last step in the production of tomato paste. A paste condenser should be used to convert purified tomato juice into a paste. One of the most common devices for condensing tomato juice at low capacity is the paste. For high degrees of the condensers is the county of Nevis. The continuous machine uses a plate and tube system to thicken tomato juice. The device uses vacuum evaporators to remove excess water ,so that condensation can be done in a shorter time and  lower temperatures. This low temperature improves tomato paste’s color app, clearance, and qualitative properties. After this step, tomato paste is ready for packaging.

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Setting up a tomato paste packaging line:

Tomato paste is one of the most widely used food seasonings worldwide. The increasing consumption of food and its use in various foods in most countries has made tomato paste one of the most profitable markets for buying & selling food products. Because the essential ingredient of tomato paste is not available in all seasons of the year and it is not cultivated in most countries, the import of this product is a large amount of the annual essence in the food industry of most countries. Setting up a tomato paste packaging line can be important for many reasons.

Import and Packing:

As mentioned briefly, tomatoes are not cultivated in most countries and a limited number of countries can produce tomato paste in acceptable quality. Therefore, importing food products such as tomato paste has a broad market. Setting up the packaging line is the best suggestion for those who cannot make tomato paste. This packing line can be purchased: tomato paste in aseptic packaging with a concentration of 36-38 Brix and imported to the destination country with a packaging line, tomato paste with personal packaging, and branded to the food market.

Production and packaging:

For those who produce tomato paste and have access to tomatoes, the best suggestion is to simultaneously set up a production and packaging line for tomato paste. By setting up a production and packaging line for tomato paste, the cost of packaging can be reduced and consumer packages of tomato paste can be presented to the market with a private brand. Setting up a tomato paste production line and its packaging line can be an excellent food product business.

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Seamerco Industrial Group designs and manufactures the machines needed to set up production in food industry factories’ zero to one hundred borderlines…


As mentioned, setting up a tomato paste production line is a prosperous and promising business, which is undoubtedly challenging. Still, despite the challenges, there are countless opportunities in setting up a tomato paste production plant. With more than 20 years of experience setting up tomato paste production lines, Seamerco Industrial Group presents its fully automatic production line.

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